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正念寺 光と影の空間表現




正念寺御会式 - 秋の桜祭り –

主催 : 正念寺

空間制作・演出 : akira yamaguchi studio

場所 : 正念寺 松山市神田町

日時 : 2019年11月6日

Seimenji Temple / Light and shadow spatial expression

Spatial expression associated with cherry blossom hanafubuki.

The appearance of cherry blossom petals fluttering in the wind is extracted as a sensuous element called "floating feeling" and expressed as a three-dimensional space.

Images projected from multiple light sources at the same time create innumerable shadows, and the sense of distance between the overlapping shadows creates shades of darkness.

Seimenji Oeshiki-Autumn Cherry Blossom Festival-

Organizer: Seimenji Temple

Space production and direction: akira yamaguchi studio

Location: Seimenji Temple, Kandamachi, Matsuyama City

Date: November 6, 2019

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